Implant Research Unit

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Implant Research Unit
Mashhad University of Medical Sciences
Implant instrument
Unit Head: Dr. Arab, Hamidreza
Assistant Professor in Periodontic

Implant Research Unit (IRU) was established in 2002 with the help of periodontology group staff. The research areas are as follow: using magnetic overdenture implement, time and usage effects on the magnet effectiveness in implant treatment, comparing peryimplant osteocular deterioration in the one step, two step and both steps implant methods.

implant unit
Ear implant
At the present in the implant unit of mums we have the ability of implanting five different kind of implants including: DYNA, ITI, Bio-horizons, Paragon and IMZ.
The IRU was recently equipped with instruments for lifting maxillary sinus for implant operation.
Equipments: Currently 5 implant systems including Paragon, Bio-Horizon, ITI, DYNA, and IMZ are available. Recently this unit is equipped by sinus elevating tools.